My name is Vince Mortimer and I am third generation missionary working in Peru South America with my family.

I was born and raised in Peru, working with my parents and grandparents to reach the people of the jungle with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years we have seen the hand of the Lord on our lives and the lives of the people we minister to. We have seen many miracles, healings, etc. It’s an honor to serve our risen Savior.

In the fall of 2017 I acquired my pilots license and in January of 2018 the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to buy two light sport airplanes-Lockwood drifters.

We will be using these planes to reach the most remote areas of the jungle-the unreached people. We will continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, help the people by providing medical attention, and bringing them the hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We really appreciate you being a part of what God is doing in the Jungles of Peru.

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