John E. and Cindy Mortimer

John was eight years old when the Lord called his parents John & Helena Mortimer to the Mission Field. For 10 years they ministered to the Aztec Indians in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. The calling for Missions became John’s from the Lord at the age of 13. This truly was a training ground for South America.

In 1984 John & Cindy were married. They along with John’s parents took a Houseboat from Duluth, MN. to Iquitos, Peru, South America. They arrived in 1988 and a new journey began.

Their main goal is touching hearts and lives for Jesus Christ. Going to places that have little to no access to hear about the gospel. Through Preaching, Teaching, Medical Outreaches, etc. They raise them up to be mature Men & Women of God so they can take the gospel to their people.

They have built up a Mission Base in Iquitos. Traveled into the Jungle with House boat, Air boat, Speed boats, Hovercraft, and soon to add Aircraft to that list.

Their ministry has touched 100’s & 1,000’s of lives for the Lord in Peru and other Countries. Praying for the sick, seeing many Healings & Miracles, Preaching, Teaching, Building Churches, Digging Fresh Water Wells, etc. Their ministry also helps other ministries when needed.

They have raise their three Children, Melissa, Shanda & John “Vince” on the mission field. Four Generations now of Mortimers have set their foot prints ministering in the Mighty Amazon of Peru.

Will you join us in reaching many that have yet to hear the name of the Lord for the very first time? With your donations of giving financially we can continue to take the Gospel of Jesus to the Utmost. We appreciate everyone that has been a part of our lives and ministry these many years. We continue to be your Hands and Feet extended to the Ends of the Earth. “What is done for the Lord has no End.”

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