We are the Mortimers, four generations of a missionary family now serving in Iquitos Peru. We travel over sixty hours by boat on some trips in order to bring the Gospel message to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon River, many of whom have never heard the name of Jesus before, so that they may hear the Good News and come into a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please take a few minutes to learn about each of our families and how we’re following God’s call on our lives to share His Love and His Word with others.

John F. and Helena Mortimer

In the late 1960’s, John had a vision of a boat on a long crooked brown river in a forest of green jungle — the Amazon River in South America. First ministering in Mexico during the 70’s, John and Helena began their ministry in Peru in the early 80’s through short-term visits and evangelistic outreaches, then moving there full-time in 1988.

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John E. and Cindy Mortimer

John was 8 years old when the Lord called his parents John & Helena Mortimer to the Mission Field. For 10 years they ministered to the Aztec Indians in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. The calling for Missions became John’s from the Lord at the age of 13. This truly was a training ground for South America.

In 1984 John & Cindy were married. They along with John’s parents took a Houseboat from Duluth, MN. to Iquitos, Peru, South America. They arrived in 1988 and a new journey began. They have been ministering in Peru for over 3 decades.

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John “Vince” and Family

Vince is a third generation missionary working in Peru South America with his family. Born and raised in Peru, Vince has been working with both his parents and grandparents his whole life to reach the people of the jungle with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Carlos and Melissa Mareco Mortimer

Carlos Mareco was born and raised in Argentina, South America. Melissa Mortimer, is daughter to John & Cindy Mortimer and raised on the Mission field in the Amazon of Peru, South America. Carlos & Melissa married in 2012 and they have 3 Children: Devan, Kiara, and Ariana.

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Our Journey

From Duluth, MN To Iquitos, Peru (South America)

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