Helena Mortimer
John F. (1942-2020)

It’s an honor to be called of God to help fulfill HIS plan for this earth. We began in our home church in Duluth, Mn. In the 1960’s. We continued working in every activity of our church including, bible training classes, nursing homes, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, janitors, and submitting to our Pastor and leaders, preparing for the Lord to lead us to the mission field.

In the late 1960’s, John had a vision of a boat on a long crooked brown river in a forest of green jungle. He knew it was the Amazon River in South America.

After graduating from Language School in 1974, God opened the door for us to move into Mexico and work with seasoned missionaries who helped us learn the customs of the Aztec peoples and to live in a foreign land. We helped establish and raise up many Indigenous churches in the mountains and on the coast of Veracruz. Thank God for that stepping stone into South America which was our ultimate goal.

In 1983, we began the second phase of our ministry, we flew to Peru and began evangelizing the gospel of Jesus, making trips there and supporting Natives to carry the works until we would arrive to live there. We bought a boat, (the one in John’s vision), and sailed it to Iquitos, Peru, So. America, arriving there in 1988.

Our ministry has planted many Indigenous churches along the Amazon River and its tributaries to people’s who have never heard about Jesus. In the villages and city churches, our ministry is to:

  • Plant the love of Jesus,
  • Teach the bible and Godly principles, having seminars for pastors and leaders,
  • Training them to be leaders full of God’s love and compassion for the lost,
  • To be instruments of Gods mercy and love by living victoriously, demonstrating HIS love by our conduct and obedience to HIS WORD.
  • Children ministries in every village
  • Training and ongoing discipleship to all believers

Some of our projects are:

  • Mobile Bible school
  • Church buildings and Other buildings as needed
  • Bible distributions and helpful materials
  • Hays water purification System
  • Building docks for boats and aircraft
  • Ministry events
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